Politics. Transformed.

To the North of us the Arctic melts; to the South desperate migrants drown; we have Trump to the West and Putin to the East. And here the rich get richer, while the NHS creaks and homelessness rises.

The problems are big and complex and the status quo benefits a few powerful people – little wonder our political system appears unable to address these problems.

We need solutions, but they won't be easy. We need big, bold, exciting ideas that will change the face of politics and build a better society – one that is more equal, sustainable and democratic.

No one person, party or organisation can deliver the change we need. That’s why Compass exists. We are building the alliances of ideas, parties, organisations and people like you and me to transform our society. We are building them at a time when millions of people and thousands of organisations are making change happen in their lives and communities.

Our job is to bring it together and to get decision-makers to adopt the radical ideas our times need.

If you share our anger at what’s happening across the world and the hope we can make it better…

If you share our frustration that our political system stifles change and our determination to do something about it…

If you share our belief that together we can create a big change and our desire to build the foundations of that now…

…then we need you, and you need Compass.

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